Hello everyone,
Last week at school of kingdom ministry we saw a physical healing we wanted to share! A friend of one of the students came for prayer. Quite a few showed up, praise God, but this friend was in her twenties with one leg visibly shorter than the other by maybe 2 inches. Her hips were out of alignment causing the length difference as well as pain in her hips and back regularly. The chiropractic adjustment had only enough relief for about 2 days this last round. About 4 of us gathered around to pray for her and initial prayer was for the physical ailments alone and then some words were brought forth about some family relationships that appeared to need healing so we began to pray into those. As we did we could feel the spirit stirring and she mentioned some popping in her shoulder and she wanted to check the length difference. When we looked again there couldn't have been more than a half inch difference if that and she also stated her pain has significantly lowered from a 9 to perhaps a 4. Praise God we got to see his spirit move and work on her on the inside to bring forth healing on the outside. He truly cares about every aspect of our lives.

-Sarah Lucas

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