Hello everyone,

For those of you who have not heard we ( Jeremy and his family and the Search Committee) jointly decided that the pastorate of Vineyard Plain City was not his calling. 

What is it that brings you back to The Vineyard? Is it the Slick programming? The dynamic speaking? The delightful coffee? Geoffrey's donuts? 

I don't think so. 

Though none of these things are bad, I can point you to other churches, even in our community that have better ( except possibly the donuts). 

I am convinced that you are looking to be a part of a "People of God" not attend a"Place of God." 

A People of God:

Follows Jesus: Though we need Leaders, we should submit to them not follow them. We should follow only the one who is Good that is Jesus Christ the cornerstone of our faith. ( Ephesians 2)

Is in one accord: we may not look the same, act the same or have the same preferences, but we all have the same God and if our mind is Christ's we should be discerning His will for us ( individually and corporately). (Romans 12)

Is empowered by the Holy Spirit: We cannot, will not, work our way to salvation. And we will not accomplish His will on our own. " A man makes his plans, but God orders his steps. " (Psalms 16)  

As we follow Jesus into His will that we have discerned together; guess who it's up to make it happen? Him! We just have to say "Yes!"

I know I am around a People of God that says "Yes!"

I am not saying we will forego leadership in the church. I'm not saying we will not have a pastor. What I am saying is we are still a Church! Let us not await a Savior, He has already come! 

What is God asking you to say "Yes!" to?

VCPC Weekly
Sundays – Intercessory Prayer – 9 - 10:15 am – Church Library
Thursdays– Intercessory Prayer – 11 am – Church Library – Request? Email prayerline@vineyardplaincity.com 

or call/text (614) 499-1232

Thursday--February 21---------------- 7pm DNA's free screening of Angst (a documentary about anxiety disorders)
Thursday--February 28----------------  6-8 pm --- Griefshare in room 110 -- to register call Janet at (614)561-7411
Friday--March 8th------------------------- 7pm-7am ----Youth Lock-In for 5th graders and up (adults can contact Brendan Rauh or Erica Detweiler to volunteer to help)

Interested in Volunteering?------- We need help with Children's Ministry and Technology--------- please contact Jeffrey.k.lucas@gmail.com for more information

Have a testimony?-----------------You may send a message you feel led to share in the "This Week At The Vineyard" email to Jeffrey.k.lucas@gmail.com