Weekly Newsletter

October 12, 2017


Hello Warriors

You have not been given a spirit of timidity, but of power, love and self-discipline.  (2 Tim 1:7)  These words were first spoken to Timothy, the Apostle Paul's protege who was a young pastor at the church in Ephesus.  Timothy had learned much from his mentor and was growing in the understanding of what it means to be "in Christ".  Paul goes on to say that all that has happened in Timothy's life was because of God's Holy calling not because of Timothy's works, but because of God's own purposes put in motion before the beginning of the ages. That's a long, long time!

The same Holy Spirit, the same upward calling, the same power source lives in all who truly receive Jesus and exchange their life for his!   John says: He who has the Son has life, he who has not the son has NOT the life.   Pretty simple truth.  No middle ground.  No "kinda" saved or basically good folks out there, who just need to try to do better or do the "Christian" life better.  This thinking is an offense to our loving creator because it's a rejection of His loving sacrifice of his own Son.

Let's abandon the idea of improving ourselves. Let's focus our attention on being faithful to God in all that we are.  Let's absorb his word into the deepest parts of us, learn to be selflessly obedient to love and serve others rather than ourselves. Let's control our desire to be self-owned and operated.  Let's lay our disappointments, our offenses, our criticism, our pain, our sorrow, our broken dreams, broken relationships, and marred self-images at the foot of the cross.  Let Jesus pay full price for them and redeem them with his own blood.

When we hold onto those things (and many more) we aren't living in Christ, but in ourselves.  Our ability to be warriors that fight for others in prayer and in service is dissipated utterly, because life circumstances have easily derailed the truth of "Christ in us, the hope of glory" and we are living a version of faith that is powerless! And frankly, useless.

Are you aware of what your brothers and sisters are going through right now?  Join us as we pray for God's people to align with God's purposes.  Come together with your brothers and sisters to lift up our church, our community, and the mission of God in this world.  I believe God's word for us to "pray without ceasing" is a pretty clear directive. He has different specific callings as to how and where we walk out our faith in him, but he has placed in each of us the purpose to stand in prayer for each other.

I pray we are willing to lay down our preferences and join hands together, worshiping God and lifting up his people with one voice, so bringing honor to all and raising them to their intended purpose!




VCPC this Week

Thursday, October 12th – 6-8 pm GriefShare – rm 110 at the church

Thursday, October 12th – Home Group is not meeting until December

Sunday, October 15th – Intercessory Prayer – 9 am – Church Library

Sunday, October 15th – Lunch Together at Pioneer Pizza after church

Tuesday, October 17th – DNA Fundraising Banquet – 6:30-8:30

Looking Ahead…

Thursday, October 19th – Intercessory Prayer – 11 am – Church Library – Request? Email prayerline@vineyardplaincity.com or call/text (614) 499-1232

Saturday, October 21st – Chili/Cake Bake Off - @ DNA to raise funds for Hopes Lantern which provides meals for the weekend for low income children

Saturday, October 28th – DNA Community Meal 5-7