Hello Everyone,

I want to thank everyone who cooked, baked and brought for our Family Communion. I thought it was a blessed reminder that we are a part of a body and a Family. That our lives and Communion with Jesus extend much past our physical selves or nuclear family.  


I want to take some time to address the fears of COVID-19 that seem to have paralyzed our society over the last several weeks. As a matter of policy, Vineyard Plain City will always have church service excepting a Level 3 Snow emergency. If you ever feel unsafe to gather together with us, we lovingly invite you to stay home and catch up on our messages online (currently the website is in an overhaul but it should be up soon). Please also, if you have needs take the time to send an email to this address, so we can gather around you as a family to care for you. 


We should be safe, we should be healthy, we should be vigilant. But I want to remind you as Paul reminded Timothy. 

 God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control. (2 Timothy 1:7)

Paul Goes on to say that this spirit of Power was not because we did anything, but because of God's purpose and grace. This virus in our nation, is not something to be feared, but an opportunity. 

How many of your neighbors, co-workers, family are living in fear? 

How many are in health conditions that make them particularly vulnerable? 

How many of the people in your realm of influence are contemplating what will happen when they die? 


God put his church on this earth for such a time as this!

 What is our Christian response? To cower in fear along side our neighbors? Fend for ourselves at their expense? Or to rise as the Body of Christ that was sent to be healing to the world?

I am not saying there is no threat, I am not saying there is no sickness, but what I am saying is" Perfect Love casts out fear" (1 John). Remember we don't fight against flesh and blood (or the loss of flesh and blood) but against the rulers and principalities of this dark world (Ephesians 6). This Spirit of Fear that is accompanying the virus is much more dangerous than the virus itself. Will the church rise up and take their position in the great Cosmic War against the Spirit of Fear?

Check up on your elderly or sickly neighbors, ensure the poor around you have the groceries and supplies they need. Reassure those paralyzed by anxiety of the surety that is in Christ Jesus.  

Spiritual Awakening is afoot, the earth is groaning with anticipation of the revealing of the sons of God.  Rise up Church, be the Scattered Servants of Christ!   

-J. Lucas

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Deliver gifts for Prison Ministry

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